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Exploring Egypt’s Aquatic Resources

As-salamu ‘alaykum! Our team recently returned from Egypt, where MURILO QUINTILIANO and Sara Barrentofrom FAI joined us for a two-week visit to key fish farming facilities and sites in the Egyptian Nile Delta. The visit marked the official launch of our joint project to bring tilapia welfare tools to Egyptian fish farmers.

We rolled out FAI’s Tilapia Welfare app, which offers farmers an effective and user-friendly way to assess the performance and welfare of their fish. We kicked off the trip with a very fruitful workshop at WorldFish Egypt’s headquarters where we agreed on the first steps in collaborating with Dr Ahmed Nasr-Allah and his team.

Meeting the team at WorldFish.

In between visits to fish farming facilities in Kafr El Sheikh, we visited the fish market and traders to discuss ways of integrating FAI’s Tilapia Welfare App with the dynamics of the wholesale market. We also visited different types of hatcheries and aquaculture suppliers and concluded with a stop at a farm using an in-pond raceway system, which is not widely used in the country. Through this combination of farm visits, stakeholder workshops and in-person training, we’ve already started bringing FAI’s Tilapia Welfare App to Egyptian tilapia farmers with over 130 downloads already. Learn more about FAI’s app at

Exploring fish production facilities – and discussing tilapia welfare – in Egypt.

Thanks to everyone who made this a successful trip! Special thanks to Dr Ahmad Hamza of Aquavet, Dr Radi Ali from Kafr El-Sheikh University and Dr Mahmoud Eltholth from Royal Holloway, University of London who made sure things went smoothly. ESR team members Wasseem Emam, Mohamed Bakr, and Hadeer Ahmed rounded out the group.

We had a great team for exploring Egypt’s aquatic resources!

We look forward to continuing our work with FAI and Aquavet Egypt in bringing these tools to more and more people around the country. Stay tuned for more updates!