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AU-IBAR Fisheries Workshop Brief – Advancing Small-Scale Fisheries Development

In the vibrant city of Kampala, Uganda, the Third Meeting of the Small-Scale Fisheries Working Group of the African Fisheries Reform Mechanism (AFRM) was held on March 4th and 5th to discuss the future of fisheries and aquaculture projects in Africa. AFRAM is part of theAfrican Union – Inter African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR).

Dr Mwenda Mbakapresented a joint fact sheet, proposed for co-publication by AU-IBAR and Ethical Seafood Research, on aquatic animal welfare. Representatives from AU Member States, Regional Economic Communities, Regional Fisheries Bodies, Intergovernmental Organizations, AU Centres of Excellence, non-state actors, individual experts, and relevant AU-IBAR staff attended.

The group endorsed the factsheet, which will be published by AU-IBAR.  A feedback session provided valuable insights: representatives emphasised the need to define the target audience and give due prominence to AU-IBAR in the document. The session also underscored the importance of linking good animal welfare practices to the tangible benefits derived from them.

The meeting marked a significant leap forward in advancing small-scale fisheries development in Africa. The fact sheet on aquatic animal welfare stood as a testament to the commitment of stakeholders towards sustainable fisheries management, increased coordination, and capacity strengthening in the African fisheries sector.

Thanks to Dr. Mwenda Mbaka, AU-IBAR, and AFRM for making this happen!