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Mapping the status quo of farmed Nile tilapia welfare in Egypt

Discover our journey in reshaping animal welfare norms in Egyptian aquaculture. Our commitment to ethical practices led us to uncover challenges and pioneer transformative solutions for the often-neglected aquatic animals.

The challenge: Putting aquatic welfare in the spotlight

Animal welfare is often neglected in the animal production sectors of Egypt and the broader Middle East and North Africa. This is especially true for aquatic animals, whose sentience is often overlooked. With Egypt being a top-five finfish producer globally, our mission was to improve the lives of a significant number of animals, particularly Nile tilapia, a widely consumed fish native to Africa.

Navigating change: Our project approach

To drive change, we kicked off a comprehensive project, starting with focus group discussions. Teaming up with AquaVet and Kafr El Sheikh University, we reached out to local farmers in key regions. Mohamed Bakr, our In-Country Expert, played a crucial role in orchestrating practical workshops. Discussions covered the nitty-gritty of production cycles, addressing concerns about fish mortalities, promoting water treatment, and exploring innovative feeding methods.

Turning insights into impact

Informed by these workshops, we launched an extensive farm-based survey, pinpointing areas for improvement. Armed with these insights, we started a new initiative: introducing humane slaughter practices to Egyptian tilapia farms. This groundbreaking step marked us as pioneers, sparking important dialogues around animal welfare in Egyptian aquaculture.

"Ethical Seafood Research went above and beyond in bringing the Nile tilapia welfare project to Egypt. Their dedication to truly understanding the local context and delivering high-quality outputs showcased a commitment to excellence. The groundbreaking initiative of introducing humane farming techniques reflects their dedication to ethical practices and positive change in Egyptian aquaculture"
Aquavet Aquaculture Center
Dr Ahmad Hamza
AquaVet Egypt

Unlock the project details: Download our full report

Gain a deeper understanding of the project's methodology, challenges, and outcomes. Download our detailed report to explore the specifics of our approach and the transformative results achieved.

Steps towards sustainable aquaculture to ensure food security in Egypt and Kafr el sheikh

Tilapia welfare activities have been launched in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, which is considered the leader in the production of this type of fish. 

Using operational welfare indicators for better tilapia welfare in aquaculture

In contrast with livestock, animal welfare in aquaculture remains a highly neglected topic. Where the few welfare standards for aquaculture exist, the implementation model is usually top down, meaning that certification bodies are the ones stepping in to address rising consumer awareness about poor farming conditions.